Service User & Carer involvement in Continued Professional Development

We have well-established, productive partnerships with local and regional NHS Trusts, local authorities, independent housing associations, the Institute of Mental Health, The Nursing & Midwifery Council and The NHS Leadership Academy. Changes Plus have also have collaborative links with the Social Care Institute for Excellence and are currently assisting in developing their “Decision Making and Mental Health Capacity Guidelines” this is being undertaken in partnership with N.I.C.E

Carers’ Journey

Working together with carers’ we have recognised the role this group undertakes. It has been evidenced that the road to recovery can be significantly enhanced when carers’ and others stakeholders are involved in the recovery journey, this could included charities, social groups and extended family. We at Changes Plus can assist by guiding you through and resolving any communication issues within the health system that might be creating barriers, thus ensuring the right routes are take to maximise both support and recovery.

Changes Plus Principles

Working together with CHANGES PLUS Ltd will increase your understanding of service user and carer experiences which we feel requires a set of key principles. The principles by which we engage service users and carers in higher education can contribute to:

  • Improved understanding between service users, carers students and colleagues within the HEI
  • Increased levels of participation by service users and carers; which ultimately has the power to transform the next generation of practitioners
  • Reduced risks of misunderstanding, misrepresentation or mistreatment of service users and carers
    Efficient use of resources by working together
  • A shared partnership which ultimately aims to improve services which will provide a better quality of life for service users and carers.
  • These Principles of Engagement include: Achievement, Change, Choice, Commitment, Integrity, Respect, Transparency, and Valuing Difference.
“We Listen, We Talk”

Areas of activity

We can offer consultancy, support and expertise in:

  • Working together in teaching and training
  • Working together in recruitment and selection
  • Working together in evaluation
  • Working together in marketing
  • Working together in research

Consultancy services

Our consultancy services can add value at any stage of your project.  From formulation of an idea or building a teaching module to delivering and evaluating teaching practice.

As Experts by Experience our member’s experiences of health and social care should be a real interest to you as evidence shows that they will bring about change to teaching practice.

Changes Plus have developed collaborative links with the Social Care Institute for Excellence and are helping develop their decision making and mental health capacity guidelines in partnership with N.I.C.E