Our personalised support programmes help clients develop a social identity, including therapeutic activity, voluntary and paid employment.

The Rusty Road to Recovery – Our Support Service

Our Rusty Road initiative is all about having a support network in place for people who struggle with mental health problems, older people and young adults.

This ultimately leads to

  • Social inclusion
  • Employment or Further Education
  • Improved self management

Changes Plus offer community based workshops for people of all ages and genders, who suffer from mental health problems. We also actively engage with people who suffer from isolation and loneliness which can become a complex and serious condition, this can be a particular issue in an ageing population. Part of our ethos is to embrace those, who have been socially rejected and just require our support and guidance to provide them with various opportunities to gain qualifications, which have not been possible through the normal educational route. This includes CV preparation and job interview skills.

Our workshop participants will follow a tried and tested modular structure. This helps our participants find their own path of recovery, thus helping them to make significant improvements and contribute fully to society.

What does the workshop entail?

We will be working with older cars, motor cycles and other vehicles. These are often of in a poor state of repair. The whole process of repair and restoration provides the participants pride in bringing something back to its former glory. The whole process of renewal also gives them a great feeling of self esteem and worth. These workshops are undertaken either at our own local vehicle workshops or at our local education partners facilities within the South Cheshire region.

Learning Objectives

  • Valeting
  • Vehicle parts, sourcing & sales
  • Restoration
  • Motor technician skills

This innovative workshop, aims to develop self management in order to both support employment retention and regain confidence.